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Newsletter 1.1


Clinton educators and community members had a dream to change the learning environment at The Morgan School to provide Clinton children with a high school experience that would prepare them for their future.  In 2009, the High School of the Future study provided recommendations for  improvement to the learning environment at Morgan.

 Flash-forward to 2016 and see the high school of the future realized!

 Programmatic components include:

  • ·       Academy model that appropriately supports students in 9th and 10th grade as they transition into high school and prepares students in 11th and 12th grade to transition into the world beyond high school - either college or work experiences. 

     photo courtesy of Neena Mastroianni

 ·       A specific focus on personalizing the high school experience for students and providing opportunities for students to:
  • develop academic skills and the key habits that lead to success
  • explore interests and passions through varied course selection choices
  • engage in school and community service
  • explore college and career options
  • develop the skills to be successful as an independent learner
  • develop strength as a collaborator with others
  • develop school and community pride
  • foster a sense of connection and importance as a member of the Morgan family

Architectural & Building Components include:

  • Academy Wings for grades 9-10 and 11-12 with clusters of teachers of varied subject areas working together to enhance collaboration
  • Central Hub area for student and community use
  • Food Court-style cafeteria for student and community use
  • Wireless technology infrastructure and Chromebooks issued to each student to support their learning
  • State-of-the-art auditorium that seats 700
  • Features that honor the past such as: the bell tower, Charles Morgan portrait and dedication, trophy cases with artifacts and memorabilia, and the original Morgan archstone
  • Use of natural light to enhance the learning environment
  • Security features that protect our students, staff, and community investment


Welcome to our new publication from the Board of Education and Superintendent.

We plan to use this format to share important information and perspectives with the Clinton community on a regular basis throughout the school year.  Key areas of focus will include news, information, updates, and celebrations.  We hope this format and forum will be an effective method to keep all Clinton residents informed and up-to-date on the exciting things happening in our district.  In addition, we plan to update you on the focused work that continues every day as we strive to meet our goals and realize our district vision - that all Clinton students will be prepared to become independent and collaborative learners empowered to embrace the future.

Maryann R. O'Donnell


As a board of education, we value community input.  If you have comments, questions, or concerns regarding Clinton Public Schools, we encourage you to attend the board of education meetings and share your thoughts during public comment.  We also invite community members to attend and engage in our subcommittee meetings.  These are smaller meetings focused on Policy, Instruction, Budget/Finance, Public Relations, and Buildings and Grounds. Schedules for all of our meetings can be found here on the Clinton Public Schools website.

             Clinton Board of Education Members


On September 6, 2016, the Board of Education honored two outstanding staff members:

Teacher of the Year - Dana Skidmore, 4th grade teacher at Pierson school, was honored for her selection as Teacher of the Year in Clinton.  Mrs. Skidmore has taught 4th grade for 8 years at Pierson School.  She has a passion for science and environmental education and has been a leader in developing curriculum in the area of science.  On a regular basis, Mrs. Skidmore seeks to have students explore concepts and engages them in critical-thinking and problem-solving experiences as a core component of her teaching.  Mrs. Skidmore is actively involved in the Clinton community.  She is a Board Member of the Clinton Land Conservation Trust and the newly formed Sailing Club.  In addition, she offers a summer Ecology camp to young children through Clinton Parks and Recreation.  

Classified Employee of the Year - Paraeducator Sondra Fritz was honored for her work with children at Pierson School.  Mrs. Fritz has worked in Clinton for seven years assisting teachers and directly helping students who need support.  Her role in the classroom is to assist students in reading, writing, and math through tutoring, one-on-one support, and re-teaching.  She has demonstrated a commitment to helping students find success and to deepen their understanding. Mrs. Fritz is an example of the powerful positive influence a teacher and adult can have on a student's success.  Her flexibility, encouragement, patience, and commitment to her students is recognized and appreciated by all who work alongside her.


"It (The new Morgan School) has made me realize just how grateful I am to be in a community that values education so much to give us this gift, this amazing new building," said Julia Horan, Class of 2017.

See the full video on Fox 61


 Did you know?

    • The Board of Education will be returning approximately 1% of its 2015-2016 budget or approximately $329,405 to the Town.  This money will go into the Town's general fund.
    • In the last 7 years, the BOE-approved Operating Budget increased annually on average just 0.67%.
    • Eliot School received a State Technology Grant of $41,212 and was able to purchase 160 Chromebooks for student use.
    • State of Connecticut Grant Funding was awarded to Clinton and provides for 2 preK classrooms at Joel School allowing 32 students access to a quality full-day preK program.
    • The student enrollment since the 2014-2015 school year has decreased 113 students (1,900 to 1,787).  The number of staff overall has been decreased by 6.4 teachers, an average of 1 teacher for every 18 students.