Veteran's Day in Clinton - Traditions of Honor, Respect, and Remembrance

Veteran's Day in the Clinton Schools is an honored and respected tradition.  Each school develops a program to honor our local veterans and teach our students about the sacrifices our veterans and their families have made.   Local veterans, family members, and dignitaries travel from school-to-school throughout the day to share in the recognition, support, and observance of Veteran's Day, and to help our students understand the sacrifices that have been made by our veterans.  Many of the local veterans attend all four ceremonies and remind our staff and students of the pride, power, and sacrifice made by so many to ensure our country is a land of freedom and opportunity. 

Service Songs Recognition 

At each school, the service songs for each of the branches of the military are played by the band or sung by students.  As the song is played or sung, members in the audience who served in that branch stand in honor to be recognized.  This is a powerful moment of respect that resonates with all in attendance.

District - Veterans' Day District Slideshow

Eliot School - Eliot Students Chamber Choir sings America the Beautiful

The Morgan School -  Remembering All Who Served:  Veterans Day by Autumn Johnson

The Morgan School - The Voice of the Veterans by AutumnJohnson

Pierson School Program - ThankYou Song Lyrics ( Audio CD and background information of the writer and composer, Teresa Jennings)

Joel School Program - Mrs. Clados' class sang and provided facts about Veterans' Day for the assembly.


Husky Leader Program

The overall objective of the NEW Husky Leader Program is to work with current Morgan School leaders to:

  • hone existing leadership skills
  • further develop students’ capacity to be effective leaders
  • support the Morgan school and community.  
  • provide opportunities to develop interpersonal skills 
  • use effective group dynamics to promote and deepen concepts of leadership.  

Students serve as ambassadors of the Morgan School and, during the course of the school year, design and implement research and action projects of interest and benefit to the school community and the community at large.

"I have become a lot more comfortable in who I am as both a person and a leader.  I have been able to learn how to talk in front of a crowd and how to be more real with people." - Lindsay Harden
"Most of being a leader is not just what you show for yourself, but what you do for others and how you interact with others." 

"Teaching a session was much more challenging than just giving the students a tour around the school. There was much more leadership and participation involved.  With a session we had to plan and take on a role similar to a teacher. It felt like I was doing something very important, as well as it was great practice for presentations for a future career." - Nina Kelly

"What stuck with me the most is that Leadership is the accomplishment of a goal through the direction of human assistants, and in order to accomplish our goal we need to know our strengths and weaknesses as leaders."

"As a leader now I feel that I'm more responsible not just for myself but also for others and how they see me as a role model."

"As a leader there might be some challenges and ups and downs and this is when I apply the problem solving skills that I've learned as a leader." Nadine Khalifa

"...I realized that I have things to share, I just need to express myself more and become more open to expressing myself in front of others."

"I want to continue to work on my public speaking and try to take any opportunity I can to practice it.  I want to improve my leadership, my charisma, and my ability to inspire others." - Miles Waterbury

"Knowing that I work well with people, and being able to say “this is the goal we have, let’s accomplish it”.  It gave me the courage to go outside my box, and fully use the leadership potential I have."

"It was not one person guiding a group of people, but a group of people collaborating to meet the needs of a specific goal. When I realized that… we got SO much work done." Julia Zirkelbach

Joel Elementary Teacher Lisa Corrone was awarded the 10th Annual Ronald McDonald House Local Hero Award for 2016. 

This is a unique program that recognizes 10 teachers from Connecticut and Western Massachusetts for their hard work, dedication and commitment to students.  As the winner of the award, Lisa received a $1,000 grant for the Joel School.

Here are additional pictures from the celebration.


Connecticut Association of Public School Superintendents (CAPSS) Award Winners

This award is based on community service and service to others, academic prowess, and leadership service to the school community.

Jenna Morello and Aidan Esposito were recognized as recipients of the 2016 Superintendent/Student Award  

 A luncheon sponsored by CAPSS was held on Monday, November 28, for these two outstanding Morgan students and for all award winners from Middlesex Shoreline districts at the Saybrook Point Inn.  In attendance were the students and their parents, and Mrs. Hagness and Mrs. O'Donnell.


Vanessa Horan and Samuel Reed were recognized as recipients of the 2016 Superintendent/Student Award at the middle school level

Vanessa and Samuel and their families will attend a luncheon at The Water's Edge Resort on Monday, December 12, hosted by Mrs. O'Donnell, Mr. Famiglietti, Mrs. Tucker and Mr. Gourdier.


Have you heard of Board of Education Subcommittees?

Being a member of the Board of Education involves much more than just attendance at regular Board meetings.  Board of Education members invest time outside of regularly scheduled meetings to advance understanding, explore issues, support district work, and to evaluate information prior to making decisions on critical issues. 

 Subcommittees of the Board of Education help to advance the work of the Board and to allow for research, discussion, and input in a variety of areas related to district management.  Subcommittee meetings are posted and are open to the public, and minutes are posted on the website.

The following are active subcommittees of the Board. 

Chairperson- Doug Traynor
Members- Todd Pozefsky,
Lois Ruggiero, Annaliese Spaziano

Goal:  To monitor and analyze current year budgets and to prepare for the new fiscal year budget. 

Current work includes:

o   Analysis of health insurance costs and trending
o   Tracking of utility usage and spending
o   Evaluation of staffing ratios
o   Planning for 2017-2018 Budget
Building and Grounds Subcommittee

 Chairperson- Lois Ruggiero
Members - Annaliese Spaziano, 
Doug Traynor

Goal:  To examine district facility needs and establish short-term and long-term capital budgets.    

Current work includes:

o   Ongoing analysis of district facility needs and processes
o   Preparation and presentation of Capital Expenditure Plan
o   Review of ongoing capital projects
Instruction Subcommittee

Chairperson- Annaliese Spaziano
Members- Erica Gelven, 
Peter Giannotti, Sandy Luke
Goal:  To review and monitor instructional programming in the Clinton Public Schools

Current work includes:

o   Investigation of Homework Practices
o   Exploration of Authentic Learning Experiences
Policy Subcommittee

Chairperson- Peter Giannotti
Members - Erica Gelven, Sandy Luke
Lois Ruggiero, Doug Traynor
Goal:  To examine, review, update and establish district policies that are aligned to current law and
support the Mission and Vision of the Board of Education for the District.

Current work includes:

o   Update of policies (Facility Use, Bylaws of the Board, Section 504)
o   Review of new Legislative Updates and impact on policy
o   Identifying current issues and needs for policy (Data Privacy, Homework, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Administration of Medication)
Public Relations Subcommittee

 Chairperson- Sandy Luke
Members - Erica Gelven,
Todd Pozefsky
Goal:  To enhance communication practices and to ensure timely and effective communication
of information to all members of the community.

Current work includes:

o   Monthly Clinton Board of Education Newsletter
o   Review of communication methods districtwide, including school- and district-based information
o   Exploration of paperless methods to distribute information
o   Effectively representing and sharing the Mission, Vision, and Goals of the Clinton Public Schools
Technology Subcommittee

 Chairperson- Lois Ruggiero
Members - Peter Giannotti,
Annaliese Spaziano
Goal:  To review and evaluate technology goals and initiatives district-wide
and to plan for appropriate support and needs.

Current work includes:

o   Capital Planning and Recommendations (Inventory and Replacement Cycles, Exploration of Leasing Options)
o   Review of Chromebook Initiatives and Implementation