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 A Parent's Promise -
Clinton’s Safe Home Parent Network
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Give Kids Good Schools

There are many FREE publications available to order through http://www.edpubs.org.

Helping Your Child Succeed In School
Publication ID: EK 0458P  

Helping Your Child With Homework: For Parents Of Children In
Elementary Through Middle School

Publication ID: EK 0456P  ERIC Num: ED468288

Helping Your Child Become A Reader
Publication ID: EK 0454P  ERIC Num: ED468665

Helping Your Child Through Early Adolescence
Publication ID: EK 0457P 

Helping Your Child Learn Science
Publication ID: EK 0732P

A Child Becomes A Reader: Birth Through Preschool
Publication ID: EXR0028P

Helping Your Child Learn History
Publication ID: EK 0754P

A Child Becomes A Reader: Kindergarten Through 3rd Grade [PDF]
Publication ID: EXR0028P

Helping Your Child Become A Responsible Citizen
Publication ID: EK 0540P

Put Reading First: Helping Your Child Learn To Read: A Parent Guide.
Preschool Through Grade 3 [Brochure]

Publication ID: EXR0006H  ERIC Num: ED458535

Helping Your Preschool Child
Publication ID: EK 0455P  

Helping Your Child Learn Mathematics
Publication ID: EK 0458P 


The National Education Association offers tips for how to get involved in your children’s education.

GiveKidsGoodSchools.org and the National PTA offer some great tips on many topics of interest to parents.



A Parent’s Promise, Clinton’s Safe Home Parent Network


What is “A Parent’s Promise”?

A Parent’s Promise is a pledge to set age-appropriate family guidelines for our children and know where they are going, whom they are with, what they will be doing, and when they are expected to return home. Parents and guardians who sign the pledge will actively supervise all youth gatherings, will not allow the possession or use of alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs by youth, and set expectations to supervise youth parties to ensure that these social gatherings remain drug and alcohol free. The promise encourages parents or youth to call the police at 669-0451 to report underage drinking, drug use and unsupervised parties. You may remain anonymous upon request. Membership in the program is free. Once the pledge is signed and written permission is given to share names and phone numbers, the membership directory will be emailed to the parent network. Directories are updated quarterly and distributed via email to all registered members. Please call Clinton Youth & Family at 669-1103 to request “A Parent’s Promise” brochure and pledge form.  Sponsored by The First Selectman’s Task Force on Substance Abuse and Clinton Youth & Family Service Bureau.


Enrichment and Summer Camp Options

The Maritime Education Network in Old Saybrook