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Special Education Forms

If you have any questions about forms, please contact Sandra Murphy at Central Office at
(860) 664-6500 or by email at smurphy@clintonpublic.net.
Newer forms are designed to be completed using Microsoft Word.  
If the form name is followed by "(fillable)" it can be completed electronically using Word.
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Form NameForm NumberLast Updated
Form NameForm NumberLast Updated
State of Connecticut: Special Education Complaint Form CT State Form  
SPED Forms Numerical Listing Numerical Index  
Annual Notification of Parental Rights PS-040 10/2015 
Procedural Safeguards in Special Education SE-001  
Parent Survey of the PPT Process SE-002  
Gifted & Talented Nomination - Intellectual Giftedness SE-003A 02/2017 
Gifted & Talented Nomination - Artistic or Musical SE-003B  
Gifted & Talented Identification SE-003C  
Intellectually Gifted Referral SE-003D  
Musically Gifted & Talented Assessment Permission SE-003E  
Artistically Gifted & Talented Assessment Permission SE-003F  
Gifted & Talented Identification Notice SE-003G  
Gifted & Talented Non-Identification Notice SE-003H  
Manifestation Determination Worksheet - (Fillable).doc SE-005  
PPT 5-Day Waiver SE-006  
Mathematics Worksheet SE-011A   
Reading Worksheet SE-011B  
Written Expression SE-011C  
Intellectual Disability Eligibility Worksheet SE-012  
Multidisciplinary Evaluation Report for Students with Specific Learning Disability SE-013  
Lending Procedures Assistive Technology-Hardware-Software SE-014A  
Lending Agreement Assistive Technology-Hardware-Software SE-014B  
PPT Meeting Notice (Fillable) SE-016  
Weekly Tutoring Log (Fillable) SE-017  
Language and Communication Plan SE-018  
Consent to Videotape SE-019  
The Morgan School Student Info Summary Form - Gen. Ed SE-020   
Referral for Behavior Analytic Consultation (Fillable) SE-021   
Secondary Transition Planning IEP Checklist  SE-022   
Adapted PE Screening (Fillable) SE-023  
Other Health Impairment Identification Checklist SE-024 10/2013 
Transfer of Parent Rights at Age of Majority SE-025 12/2016 
Special Education Annual Report of Progress (Manual Complete) SE-026  
Special Education Annual Report of Progress (Fillable) SE-026  
Annual Review Preparation Checklist SE-027  
Annual Review Format SE-028  
Least Restrictive Environment Considerations Grids (Fillable) SE-029  
Request for Parent Input (PPT) (Fillable) SE-031 12/2016 
Special Education Student Information Form (Fillable) SE-032 03/2015 
Community Health Clinic Referral Form (Fillable) SE-033 01/2017 
Initial Notification of Parental Rights SE-035 10/2015 
Showing 41 items