Intellectually Gifted:

During the fall, all third, fifth and seventh grade students participate in the OLSAT (Otis Lennon School Ability Test), a standardized, norm referenced test that assesses critical thinking and reasoning and is a good predictor of academic ability. Based on the results of this test, students demonstrating very superior ability are referred for further screening using the Gifted and Talented Evaluation Scales (GATES). The results of these assessments as well as standardized tests and student grade record are reviewed by a team, consisting of school psychologist, administrator, and Talented and Gifted Coordinator. Based on specific criteria, students are identified as intellectually gifted.

Art Talented / Musically Talented:

Students may be identified as artistically or musically talented following a process created by the Clinton Public Schools Art and Music Teachers utilizing a specific rubric.  Potential musically talented students participate in a vocal audition which includes pitch and rhythmic accuracy, technique/tone and quality, pronunciation and diction, and expression. There is also a rhythmic and melodic memory assessment,  and a creating assessment using an instrument of choice. Students assessed for identification as artistically talented are assessed on two performance activities and a personal portfolio, based on inventiveness, improvisation, composition, complexity and elaboration, technical skills, creativity and artistic expression.

Students qualifying as Talented and Gifted have an individual education plan (IEP) consisting of a three-page document, which outlines the specific area of giftedness for the individual student. This document is reviewed annually during a group PPT (Planning and Placement Team Meeting) and becomes part of each student’s permanent record.

Parent Referral (Nominations):

Clinton Public Schools continues the process of identifying intellectually gifted student as well as students with exceptional talents in music and the visual arts as mandated by State Regulation Sec. 10-7 6a(14).

Nominations of students will be accepted by parents, classroom teachers, and special area teachers. In grades 5 and 7, students may also nominate themselves. Nomination forms are available in the Joel, Pierson, and Eliot school office. Nomination are due to the school office by a published date in the fall.

Please forward any nomination to the attention of the TAG coordinator in each building. Previously identified students do not have to be re-nominated. Previously nominated students who did not meet eligibility criteria may be re-nominated during the next assessment year. Questions concerning the Talented and Gifted Identification process should be forwarded to the TAG coordinator in each school by e-mail.

Eliot School:

Pierson School:

Joel School: