Special Education Referral Process

Referrals usually come from the SAT (Student Assistance Team), the student's teacher, or his/her parent to the Student Assistance Team. Referrals can, however, be made from other sources such as an agency or family physician. If evidence is produced that special education services may be needed, a referral is then made to the CST and onto a designated Planning and Placement Team (PPT).  Before the PPT can proceed to gather information or to evaluate the student and recommend an appropriate program, parents must be informed that their child is being considered for special education and they must give written consent before evaluation and testing can begin.  Information is obtained only with the knowledge and consent of the parents and is made available to the parents.  Parents are provided with a written notice about a PPT meeting at least five school days prior to the scheduled meeting date. 

Parents may refuse to give consent for the evaluation and placement. They may also revoke consent if it has already been given. Regulations governing special education provide specific time schedules during which the evaluation and placement procedures must be completed. Placement of a student into a special program in the school district must take place within 45 school days of the referral date. Generally, placement out of the school district must occur within 60 school days of the referral date. These placement time limits do not include the time required to obtain written parental consent.

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