Elementary Standards Based Report Cards

The standards-based report card is designed to provide information and feedback relative to the skills and concepts that students should master at each grade level.  The report card is directly aligned to each grade level's expectations, and students are assigned a Level of Performance based on their attainment of the skill or concept as expected for that grade level, at that particular point in time in the school year, providing parents with more specific feedback to better undertsand their child's progress, effort, and achievement.


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Parent Guides 
  • Kindergarten
  • Grades 1-5  (Note: The guide mentions Abraham Pierson School, which no longer exists.  Grade 4 students are now at Joel School, and Grade 5 students are at Eliot School.)

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do teachers determine a Level of Performance for my child?
Teachers utilize observational data, student work and assessments. These may include conferencing notes, student reading and writing journals, tests and quizzes, projects, homework and other information observed and collected on a daily basis.

Can a student perform at a level 3 and then move to a lower level in the next marking term?

Yes, it is possible for a student to go down a level (or up a level) as the year progresses. The Level of Performance relates to what is expected of a student in a grade level at that point in time, so the expectations later in the year would be more advanced than earlier in the year.
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