Budget & Finance (Jack Scherban, Jason Adler, Erica Gelven, Mike Hornyak)
Purpose: Reviews all components of the operating budget including health insurance, provides oversight of the non-certified pension and investments. Within the timeframe established, provides guidance, input, and decision-making related to the developments of the district budget.

Buildings & Grounds (Mike Hornyak, Erica Gelven, Jack Scherban)
Purpose: Reviews items related to the physical facilities of the Board of Education and is responsible for developing the Capital Expenditure Plan and presenting the request with rationale to Town officials.

Instruction  (Peter Nye, Erica Gelven, Catherine Staunton)
Purpose: Reviews and provides input to the decision-making related to all instructional learning initiatives, curriculum and programming decisions, and implementation of legislation related to curriculum.

Personnel  (Erica Gelven, Mike Hornyak, Peter Nye, Alan Samet, Jack Scherban, Catherine Staunton)
Purpose: Reviews and provides input in the areas of staffing levels, selection/hiring and onboarding, personnel policies, staff supervision and evaluation, human resources processes and procedures, legal requirements, and is involved in contract negotiations.

Policy (Jason Adler, Erica Gelven)
Purpose: Reviews and updates Board policies and regulations based upon recent legislation and models provided by legal counsel. Recommends or reviews policies as necessary to respond to locally important topics as they arise.

Public Relations (Erica Gelven, Jason Adler, Catherine Staunton)
Purpose: Develops communication strategies and the interactions and interface between the district and its stakeholders.

Wellness  (Catherine Staunton, Erica Gelven)
Purpose: Reviews curriculum and progress related to student wellness and district policy which relates to food services, health instruction, and physical education.

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